Title: Falling From Various Heights
Author: Elise Schmit
Translation: Christina Drekou
Εditing: Giorgos Georgiou
Layout: Lefteris Markou
Cover: Mersina Ladopoulou

Price: 10,60 €
Pages: 120
Category: Short Stories
ISBN: 978-618-86025-1-9
Date of Publication: May 2022


Watching from the kitchen window how tourists plunge to their deaths, driving aimlessly through all of Germany out of love sorrow until the money runs out, repairing a radio, because devices are easier to mend than a broken existence: the characters in Elise Schmit’s narrative "Falling from Various Heights" have had to come to terms with life after the great personal catastrophe. Whether they fall from rocks or in love – in the end everything revolves around the question of how life will continue after the decisive upheavals.

Elise Schmit (*1982) holds a degree in German Studies with Philosophy from the University of Tübingen. After two extended stays in Tübingen and a shorter stint in Paris, she returned to Luxembourg in 2012 where she has been living and working since. Her writings have been honoured with several awards in Luxembourg. "Falling from Various Heights" is her first collection of short stories to be published.