Title: The Ballad of Lucy Jordan
Author: Tullio Forgiarini
Translation: Stella Hatziantoniou
Εditing: Giorgos Georgiou
Layout: Lefteris Markou
Cover: Mersina Ladopoulou

Price: 8,48 €
Pages: 60
Category: Short story
ISBN: 978-618-85473-4-6
Publication Date: October 2021


Lucy Jordan, a woman of sixty-seven years and catholic education, keeps taking aside her mysterious interlocutor and telling him about her recent revolution. After having one of her heart valves replaced with that of a pig, she resolved, as if the pig had taken the decision for her, to quit everything – her husband, her house, her dull bourgeois life – to go on a drive to Paris, where she met some allies and experienced sensations she hadn’t thought she was still capable of feeling. Only, to do so she needed a driving license, a car and some money.

Tullio Forgiarini was born in Luxembourg, in 1966. His father is Italian, his mother Luxembourgish. He writes crime fiction, mostly in French. Amok, his first novel in Luxembourgish, has received the European Union Prize for Literature, in 2013. Donato Rotunno has made a movie out of it, Baby(a)lone, which came out in 2015.